Belousov predicted the price of oil $ 35-40 per barrel

Oil prices will be set in the range of $ 35–40 per barrel. This was announced by First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov in an interview on Saturday’s news program.

“There are estimates, including of our Ministry of Energy, that it will be even higher for $ 40. Well, the future will show who is right, ”Belousov said (quote from TASS).

Earlier, Belousov called the fall in oil prices at $ 35 and below an exit into a “new sustainable reality.” “I think that for some fairly long time we will have to live at about equilibrium prices of about $ 35 plus or minus,” the First Deputy Prime Minister admitted then. He did not rule out that the price of oil could fall further, but said that he “did not really believe” in the possibility of a long fall to the level of $ 20 per barrel.