in the journal ” Global Economy and Education»

All articles submitted for publication in the journal “Global Economy and Education” are subject to mandatory review for originality, ethics and scientific significance.

Compliance with ethical standards is important for all parties involved in the publication: authors, editors, reviewers, and publishers.

Responsibilities of the Editorial Board

* The Editorial Board of the peer-reviewed journal “Global Economy and Education” accepts articles for publication after mandatory review.

* The Editorial Board adheres to the journal’s policy and acts within legal requirements, as it is responsible for copyright infringement. The editor can consult with other members of the Editorial Board to make a decision.


* Reviewers or any of the editorial staff should not disclose any information about the submitted manuscript to anyone other than the author, reviewers, to potential reviewers, other editorial advisors, the publisher, as it is confidential.

* Unpublished materials from the article submitted for review should not be used in the research of the scientific editor and reviewers without the special written permission of the author.

Reviewers ‘ responsibilities

* Reviewers assist the scientific editor in making an editorial decision, as well as give the author of the article recommendations for bringing the article to the requirements of the journal.

* Manuscripts received for review are confidential. They can’t be shown or discussed with other persons, except those who are authorized by the Editorial Board.

* Reviewers must identify a published work that has not been cited by the author. Any statement that an observation, derivation, or argument had been previously reported should be accompanied by the relevant citation. The reviewer must inform the Editorial Board of any significant similarity or partial overlap between the manuscript being reviewed and another already published work that is familiar to them.

* Private information or ideas generated during the review process must remain confidential and cannot be used for personal interests. The reviewer should not observe the manuscript if there is a conflict of interest as a result of his competitive, partnership or other relations or connections with any of the authors, companies or organizations associated with the publication material. If there are conditions or circumstances that contribute to a conflict of interest, the reviewer must inform the Editorial Board.

Responsibilities of authors

* Authors must guarantee in written form that the manuscript they provide is a completely original work never published before. A reservation about this is made by the author, or authors, at the end of the manuscript. If the authors used a fragment of the work and / or words of other authors, this should be indicated in the reference notes.

* The author should be prepared to provide access to data related to the publication material, if possible, and provide them for review. In any case, the author must be prepared to retain such data for a reasonable period of time after the publication of his work.

* Submitting a manuscript to more than one journal at the same time means unethical behavior of the author and is unacceptable.

* You must provide proper confirmation of the work of other authors. Authors should cite publications that were important when creating the claimed work.

The author must ensure that the list of authors contains only valid authors and does not include persons who were not related to this work.