The scientific electronic journal “Global Economy and Education” has been published since 2020

The journal aims to update the role and significance of scientific research in the field of globalization of the world economy and global trends in education in general, and in particular in global education.

The objectives of the journal:

– Coordination and popularization of scientific research on international economic integration and globalization of world economic relations and topical issues of education development and global educational space.

– Review of scientific monographs on the subject presented and publication of abstracts of authors ‘ monographs;

– Organization of an online discussion platform for discussing topical issues of global economic development and modern problems of education.

– Publication of materials of scientific and practical conferences, symposiums, forums


World economy;

International economic relations;

Tools for functioning of commodity markets with limited and developed competition in the context of globalization of the world economy and free trade;

Foreign trade activity of enterprises in the conditions of liberalization of foreign economic activity;

International economic integration;

Internalization of the educational process;

History of the world economy and international economic relations;

Problems of modern education;

Globalization of education.

The journal publishes original, previously unpublished materials in Russian and English.